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What do our customers say about us?

"You have become quite famous in our head office after you did the presentations for our CEO - now everyone wants savvy slides done by SavvyBizz."

Marketing Communications Manager, Multi-National, Europe

"For incisive, no-nonsense and compelling marketing presentations, SavvyBizz works for me! The SavvyBizz team made us think and clarify our proposition and then created a presentation that is smack on the button."

John Raath, Founder - MyGenius.com

"The new brochure, case study and presentation deck have elevated our game as a small business as we continue to grow. We do not have the need to hire a full time marketing manager so it was great to team up with SavvyBizz who simply got on with the job, understood our business and knew what to do. Even with 7,000 kilometers between us and the production team, we worked through Skype video conferencing as if we were in the room together - that's two savvy businesses in action."

Dave Betts, Managing Director, D.Betts Pty Ltd, Melbourne

"SavvyBizz was a great help to me at a critical time. I needed assistance to prepare for a significant course & workshop and they came through for me with flying colours. Professional approach, personable interactions, responsiveness in the extreme. I look forward to the next time that we work together!"

Barry Elliott, MD of ABf1 Consulting, Hong Kong

"SavvyBizz have done fabulous work in developing compelling and powerful slideware for my numerous presentations at industry conferences and corporate seminars. Highly recommended."

Mark Millar, M Power Associates, Hong Kong