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The Savvy Sales Wheel

Introducing the sales activity wheel - a day in the life of a sales executive.

The pulse of any business is measured on the health of its sales activity and effectiveness in managing the pipeline - both to develop new business and retain existing customers. 

The savvy sales wheel presents the activities that make up a day in the life of a sales executive. Being effective and efficient in all areas is something we know is on the minds of most sales organizations in business today.

SavvyBizz is specialised in working with sales organizations to communicate the content aspect of the activity wheel.  We do this by developing slide presentations, proposal documents, brochures, case studies, and much much more.

Are you providing the support to your salesforce matched to their unique sales situations?

The sales executives briefcase is going to be different depending on each sales situation, and at which stage they are within the sales pipeline.

Talk to us today on how to get savvy with your sales content and how you can pack only the essentials into your sales execs briefcase.