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The savvy individual understands that being able to profile yourself in every situation, and to the right people, makes the difference in getting noticed or blending into the crowd.

Networking, gaining new skills, and working your way up, across and into organizations to achieve your goals is a discipline and begins with having personal and professional goals.

Being proactive about your personal marketing is what will give you competitive edge when opportunity strikes and you need to have something to send or say.

New challenges with social media also add to the mix of how you find that next job, keep in touch with people, and build new networks. The premier business-networking site is without a doubt LinkedIN and it is becoming increasingly important to being found by the right people and being part of the conversation.

Talk to us today on how to get savvy with your personal marketing plan. Our service includes:

  • A series of skype consultations on your personal marketing objectives
  • Positioning and writing of your cv, resume or biography
  • Positioning and writing of your LinkedIN profile
  • Personal recommendation on managing your LinkedIN profile
  • Follow up review session