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SavvySkills gets you thinking about how to get your message across to achieve an outcome.

Communication skill development is at the heart of individual performance - whether presenting, selling, influencing, negotiating or leading. First knowing what to say and then how to say it is often the difference between meeting your objectives or not.

We recognize that people are a competitive advantage for your business and their ability to present effectively to colleagues, customers and vendors is important. Having the right mix of strategic thinking in how you structure your message and then the delivery skills to match that is critical to delivering a memorable presentation in the eyes of your audience.

SavvyBizz develops the skill behind the savvy individual - whether you need to simply walk through your presentation with someone or develop personal skills, we want you to be the best you can be when delivering your next presentation.

SavvySkills cover:

  • Presentation rehearsal and walk-through via Skype video
  • Skype coaching sessions on presentation skills
  • Presentation skill workshops for teams or individuals