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SavvySlides was founded on the ethos that the presenter leads, the tools support.

Presentations are not only about slide production - they are a high-stakes internal and external communications tool where the presentation influences how someone will think and feel or what they will do as a result.

We recognize that PowerPoint is the leading business tool and our expertise is to get you to use it more effectively by helping you with message, skills, visual aid and most importantly how these three will deliver your desired outcome.

SavvyBizz delivers the power behind the savvy presenter - whether its on a pay-as-you-go individual basis or working as your outsourced partner for company-wide presentations.

SavvySlides offer:

  • Presentation template design and corporate guidelines
  • Presentation structure development
  • Presentation layout, construction & design
  • Copywriting and messaging
  • Research and development of content
  • Presentation skill development
  • Company presentation library creation & management